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CLUB: Hotel for all

STANDARD OBBLIGATORY REQUIREMENTS for structures that are part of CdP

1. Display stickers at the entrance with logo
2. Structures taking part must allow wheelchair users to access (either independently or with the aid of a carer) the structure, from the structure’s private car park or the public footpath.
3. There must be the possibility to be able to use the spaces and equipment, according to their function within the structure or the service, in a dignified and satisfactory way.
4. Net opening of door to building or to the accommodation unit must be at least 80 cm.
5. Wheelchair users should be able to use the bedroom and bathroom (the shower cabinet must be large enough and have a floor base).
6. Net opening of entry door to the room and of entry door to the bathroom must be at least 75 cm.

OPTIONAL SUGGESTED REQUIREMENTS for structures that are part of CdP

7. Independent access to the beach and shore
8. Umbrella pitch with a rigid platform
9. Job chair available on the beach


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