Bicycles / Rickshaws

Bicycles / Rickshaws

Cycling along the vibrant streets of Jesolo is the best way to discover the natural wonders of the seaside resort. The first reason to visit Jesolo by bike is the perfectly equipped cycleway ranging along the city for many kilometers: this route will introduce you to breathtaking panoramas on the beach and green zones which create an inimitable atmosphere of comfort and solace.

Besides the splendid views along the beach you can easily reach any spot on the map of the resort thanks to a developed network of urban and country bikeways, perfectly equipped for intensive yet safe cycling around the city. Bright cycle tours are a must for families and for those who visit Jesolo for the first time. Cycleways will guide you to cozy park areas and naturalistic sights around the resort – perfect places for family picnic and fun.

The cycling experience is not limited to Jesolo and the countryside. You can easily take a cycling tour to Dolomiti mountains or authentic valleys of Prosecco wineries to enrich your trip with active sports and exquisite tasting experiences.

Bikes for adults and children as well as rickshaws are available free of charge for our guests.

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