Pista Azzurra

If you are a speed lover, the Pista Azzurra is the place you have always been looking for, where fun is guaranteed and you can satisfy the desire to experience the thrill that comes with a kart.

Besides the adults, even the little ones can have fun; in fact, the Pista Azzurra has two tracks: one of 730 meters for pilots from 16 years of age and the other of 250 meters for children starting from a height of 1.30 cm.

The track, built in 1962 among the first in Italy and subsequently modified in 1985, saw the best drivers of international karting race, many of them from F1 motoring. In addition, it hosts many important karting and motoring events of various kinds.

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Pista azzurra      Pista azzurra      Pista azzurra