Covered Pool

In good and bad weather

Taking a dip in a heated swimming pool is a perfect way to stay fit and beautifully relaxed, even in case of bad weather. Hotel Nettuno in Jesolo provides a covered swimming pool, equipped with temperature-control and water-cleaning system, which is a safe and cozy way to chill and pamper yourself with fresh and relaxing vibes. The water does not contain chlorine so your eyes and skin will be safe from irritation. Thanks to the constant temperature of 28°, our covered pool guarantees a pleasant swimming activity in any time of the day.

Not only has our Hotel in Jesolo a swimming pool, but also a spacious lounge area perfectly covered to give your skin shelter from the sun during the hottest hours. In addition, our beach beds provide the greatest comfort. Also, the lounge area proves just perfect to have a rest from the sunbaths that you can enjoy on the private beach of our hotel!

Don’t miss out all the comforts of the heated covered swimming pool of our hotel in Jesolo. There you can enjoy super extra leisure time in any weather condition. Available four seasons in a row, Hotel Nettuno is also happy to invite you to experience the second swimming pool inside the hotel, perfect for all the fans of comfortable swimming and great, great fun.

According to the current hygiene rules , the use of swimming caps is mandatory to enter our pools